New Sensory Toys Generate Sensational Smiles

sensory toys-kristenKristen is a member of the Toy & Resource 
Center and is pictured here with her children. 
The Center is a valuable resource to the community 
and a great way for parents and professionals 
to try out sensory toys to see what 
works best for each unique child.

Sensory toys for children with autism are best if they are durable and interesting to the touch, with varied textures and weights. These items can provide the tactile and visual input that many individuals with autism crave. These versatile toys are also beneficial for those who have other types of disabilities and would be enjoyed by children developing typically as well.

Thanks to the generous support of the GPD Foundation, the Toy & Resource Center was able to purchase new toys that will serve the autism community. Members of the Center will be able to borrow the toys that will support physical, intellectual, emotional and social learning in creative ways.

Stop in and check out our new sensory toys as well as a great assortment of other items including activity books, puzzles, climbing and riding equipment, musical instruments, flannel board kits, and much, much more.

The holidays are quickly approaching and it's a great time to borrow toys for children and grandchildren to play with when friends and family members gather together.

The TRC is located off the lobby at 701 South Main Street. Call Sheila Svoboda at 330-762-9755 ext. 247, for more information.