Welty Lays Building Blocks to Success

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Everyone who enters Welty Building Company can expect a warm welcome and a piping hot cup of fresh coffee made by Holly. Holly was hired in May of this year as an office assistant and is responsible for preparing conference rooms for meetings, stocking the kitchen and making coffee so guests and employees can enjoy snacks and beverages throughout the day. In addition to these duties, she also does filing when needed and is eager to do anything else asked of her. “Not a day goes by that Holly isn’t in my doorway asking if there’s anything else she can do,” Welty office manager Kathy Flach says.

Flach has been at Welty Building Company for sixteen years and in that time she has seen the company double in size four times. Earlier this year, Welty's Executive Team approached Flach about creating a position for people with disabilities. She never hesitated and saw the potential in this new opportunity.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Holly and her family were met with several obstacles following her high school graduation and transition into the job field. Holly says, “I’ve been through a lot, but I’m stronger because of it.”

UDS Employment Specialist Cheryl Scribben first began working with Holly in January of this year. Scribben became aware of Holly’s strengths and could really tell she was passionate about finding a job. Holly became slightly frustrated with her search after a few unsuccessful interviews, but stayed on track and remained persistent in finding the right job. The job search is hard for anyone, let alone people who have barriers to employment to overcome. Holly’s mom, Tracy, said, “UDS was just so helpful as a whole in bridging that gap for us.”

The pieces fell together when Summit DD reached out to UDS with Welty’s request to fill two part-time positions in its office. Scribben knew this would be a good job for Holly. After Holly’s first interview at Welty, she said she stood in the parking lot looking up at the numbers on the building and she knew this was it—she finally found her perfect fit.

Flach says she was not prepared for how much hiring Holly would affect her personally. “Holly and the other office assistant bring an energy to the company we wouldn’t have otherwise. So many people take what they do every day for granted. These employees come in so happy, so cheerful, so thankful for the job that they have, it’s humbling.” Holly says getting this job at Welty has been an answer to a prayer and she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Flach says, "We couldn't imagine our office without our assistants. They make our days!"

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Held each October, NDEAM aims to educate about disability employment issues and celebrate the many and varied contributions of America's workers with disabilities. Contact Community Employment Services by calling 330-762-9755 or email to find out how we can help you support the employment of individuals with disabilities every month of the year.