Unexpected truths are discovered throughout this issue, in all genres. Sometimes the truth can be hard to swallow and in other cases, revelations are surprisingly sweet. One story exposes bits of the truth without fully disclosing all the details, and will likely leave you wondering, left to draw your own conclusion.

In our featured essay, author Jane Gabriel recounts the events of a beautiful, sunny summer day when she picks up her teenager’s phone only to discover her daughter is plotting a murder and has enlisted the help of someone online. Without warning, a fast-moving, dark storm erupts within the home and what transpires is sure to leave readers stunned in “Awakening.”

“Rehabbing,” by Sharon Hart Addy, is the story of a loving couple who decide to buy an old farmhouse in need of repair. After they move in and begin renovations, two mysterious items lead the main character on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

A delightful story unfolds in “Li-Bear-Ian,” by Judy Lunsford, when a magical necklace is discovered within the pages of a library book. “Meeting Ryan” reveals something hidden in plain sight when the narrator meets her friend’s boyfriend in this enjoyable story by Courtney B. Cook.

Woven among these stories you’ll find moving poetry, poignant essays, and some humor, which we all need. As we enter 2023, we wish you a happy new year filled with delightful discoveries.       

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