Our Mission & Goals

Our Vision: A community where each individual is enabled to live their most fulfilling life.

Our Mission: We provide and support inclusive, life-enriching options through person-centered programs and advocacy.

A diverse group of adults of varying races and abilities smile for the camera at UDS. They wear orange to represent inclusion.


Our Core Values (S.T.R.I.D.E.)

  • Serving People. Service to others is the primary purpose of UDS and all who carry out its mission.
  • Teamwork. We reach our common goals by supporting and bringing together different skills, interests and ideas to work as a unit.
  • Respect. We communicate thoughtfully and honestly, act with integrity, and always treat people well.
  • Inclusion. We improve the abilities and opportunities of those we serve by supporting full access and membership in the community.
  • Dignity. By our actions, we protect and uplift the inherent worth of each person served.
  • Excellence. We are passionate about delivering exceptional quality in our programs and services.

Our Strategic Plan

Goal #1: Evolve and strengthen UDS core programs and infrastructure to ensure high levels of quality in meeting the changing needs of the people we serve.

  • Resolutely increase community immersion of all Adult Services participants.
  • Launch the new Basic Employment Skills Training (BEST) service model that will replace Vocational Habilitation, consistent with state mandates.
  • Align agency resources and infrastructure to support an expanded community-based model.

Goal #2: Attract, engage, appreciate and retain qualified staff who advance the mission of UDS.

  • Build a “recruiting culture” and create a “candidate experience.”
  • Improve on the agency’s baseline turnover rate of 28%.
  • Adapt and adjust Adult Service job descriptions and responsibilities to reflect the changing requirements related to community immersion.

Goal #3: Protect and enhance the reputation of UDS as a leader in the field of serving persons with disabilities.

  • Develop a strategic communication plan that keeps all stakeholders informed using a variety of channels.
  • Leverage Kaleidoscope as a unique entity, ripe with opportunity.
  • Develop a five-year sustainability plan for Low Vision Services.
  • Foster and perpetuate exceptional leadership from a diverse and talented Board of Directors.
  • Nurture opportunities for leadership development among the staff and identify prospective succession plans for staff leadership positions.

Goal #4: Strengthen the financial position of UDS for continued sustainability and growth.

  • Reduce annual operating losses with continued attention to all-expense line.
  • Evaluate opportunities for growth and revenue enhancement from complementary programs, including community Employment, All-Star Training Club, and Toy & Resource Center.
  • Develop supplemental funding resources to help narrow the gap between program costs and reimbursement rates.

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