Adult Day Services

Choosing the right service provider to meet your individual needs is an important process. We encourage you to spend some time with us asking questions and seeking the information that is important to you.

Opportunities to Explore, Engage and Excel at UDS

Comparing a variety of service providers helps you determine the best match for your specific needs and preference. Under Ohio Administrative Code 5123:2-9-11, if you hold waiver funding you have the right to choose from any qualified and willing provider of community-based waiver services in or outside the county where you live.

  • Community Engagement

    The time you spend in your community is enhanced by opportunities for learning, socializing, volunteering, and connecting with people, places, and resources that help create a full and meaningful life. Active groups and clubs help participants reach their community engagement goals by promoting self-direction and self-advocacy as well as planning center and community-based activities.

  • Personal Care

    Providing you with the assistance you need in order to maximize your participation in our program activities is our top priority. Trained staff members will assist you throughout the program day with dietary and personal care needs.

  • Nursing

    Nursing Services are provided by a certified delegated nursing staff. Coordination of program nursing services is completed by a registered nurse. Nursing services are provided on an as-needed basis, and are limited to the procedure and treatment necessary for your to participate in your program day.

  • Experienced, Caring Staff

    Staff members of UDS receive extensive training to ensure that the goals of the program are being met and understood. Employees must complete provider certification training regulated by the Ohio Department of DD and are required to maintain certification in First Aid and CPR. Ongoing professional development is provided annually to all staff members.


BraVo! helps participants explore community resources, develop community integration and social skills, and enhance personal abilities with a sense of great accomplishment gained through a variety of volunteer experiences.
Learn more about BraVo!

Prevocational Services

Prevocational Services focuses on development of appropriate work skills and specific job training for adults age 18 and over through a facility-based work experience. Personal care attendant services are also coordinated through this program. Contact us to learn more about employment.
Learn more about Prevocational Services.


SociAbilities provides a variety of social, recreational and therapeutic activities for people age 18 and over. Participant input, choice making and self direction are encouraged in every activity.
Learn more about SociAbilities.

Community Employment Services

Our team can help you save both time and money by working with you to develop a program to meet your specific needs. We’ll supply the workforce, supervision and quality control. In turn, your job will help to provide employment, training and fair compensation for our eager workshop participants.
Learn more about Community Employment Services.


Providing interactive and energizing program services in support of an individual’s changing needs as they age. Maintaining good health is a critical part of growing older while staying active and engaged in community life.
Learn more about CHAMPS.

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