Be the Difference. Volunteer.

Volunteers are an essential part of United Disability Services’ mission to provide and support inclusive, live-enriching options through person-centered programs and advocacy.

a group of adult volunteers smiles outside of the UDS offices

Volunteering at UDS is a great way:

  • For high school students to earn service hours
  • To complete hours for an internship
  • To offer a unique and rewarding team-building experience
  • For retirees to find meaningful opportunities to give back to their community

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Make a difference in our community
  • Gain confidence through helping others
  • Learn new skills and meet new people
  • Make a positive impact on the lives of others
  • Become an advocate for inclusion

Interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities? Contact us today.

Becoming a UDS Volunteer


three adult volunteers help paint a wall at UDS
  • Must be 16 years or older (14+ for All-Star Training Club)
  • Complete an application with references
  • Initial interview
  • Placement interview with program manager
  • Criminal background check, if applicable
  • Orientation and training

Interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities? Contact us today!

Volunteer Opportunities


two volunteers assist with gardening outside

Gardens contribute to a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress and build a sense of community. Garden space is available at Firestone Park and Main Street locations in Akron. Help us create a warm, welcoming space at UDS! Spring and fall cleanup is needed, as well as routine maintenance throughout the summer. Flower donations are appreciated.


All-Star Training Club

An integrated sports program where everyone, regardless of ability, is encouraged to participate in competitive sports.

  • Coach – Responsible for instructing athletes about the rules of the game, assisting with scare-keeping and modeling an enthusiastic and positive attitude.
  • Activity Assistant – Responsible for assisting athletes as they participate in various activities, displaying an enthusiastic and positive attitude.


Community Employment Services

Use your expertise to assist our job seekers with resume review and mock interviews. Help students and adults build their confidence and identify areas for improvement to better prepare them to enter the workforce through our community employment services.



This adult day program provides social-recreational and therapeutic activities for people age 18 and older.

  • Recreational Leader – Play games and have fun with our consumers and/or entertain them with music, juggling, magic or any skill/talent you want to share. If you have a certified therapy animal, we’d love to schedule some visits.
  • Craft Assistant – Help with daily arts activities or special holiday-themed craft projects. Join us in supporting the importance of creativity in our adult day program. Individuals or groups up to five (5) preferred, but we can accommodate larger groups.


Toy & Resource Center

three volunteers smile for the camera in the toy and resource center at UDS

Loaning developmental toys and resource materials to anyone working with, or caring for, a child zero to six years of age (special needs or developing typically).

  • Toy Washing Assistant – Responsible for washing and disinfecting toys that are returned before they are put back out on the shelves. Seeking someone willing to commit to three hours a week on an on-call basis.
  • Student/Club/Group Experience – Tuesday and Thursday availability. Groups of 2-8 are ideal, but we can work with groups of any size.

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