“The Journey Continues—Part II” marks the final leg of Gail Willmott’s thirty-six-year adventure with Kaleidoscope. Issue 78 contains the last selections she made as editor-in-chief before retiring in August 2018. Within these pages you will find an intriguing collection of stories, poetry and essays she chose before passing the torch to our new editor, Debra Johanyak.

In keeping with the theme of this issue, our featured essay is “My Journey with Multiple Sclerosis” by Barbara Hosbach. As a working woman who was also a wife and mother, she was always on the go, propelled by hyperactivity. The diagnosis, and symptoms that accompanied it, caused her to question her self-worth and she wondered if her life would still have value.

Our featured art is the bold, colorful work of Jeff Hanson. These beautifully textured acrylic paintings will undoubtedly brighten the dreariest winter day and pleasantly remind us that spring is right around the corner. He is a self-taught, award-winning artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist who has made it his mission to make the world a better place through art.

“Lines in a Notebook” is Feliks Jezioranski’s moving story about parents of a thirteen-year-old boy with multiple disabilities and the challenges they face as they care for him at home.

In an age of prequels on the big screen, we share “Gary, Still,” Peg Daniels’ poignant story recounting the agonizing moment she learned her husband’s spinal cord had been severed in an accident. The days that follow, her husband’s reactions and her own health issues give us more insight into this couple’s story, “Outroll, Outmaneuver, Outlast” that appeared in issue 64 of Kaleidoscope.

In addition to the work featured here, we have included many other thought-provoking pieces of fiction, heartfelt essays and a delightful array of poetry. We hope you’ll enjoy the final collection of work thoughtfully selected by Gail Willmott.

Read issue 78 of Kaleidoscope online here.