Providing interactive and energizing program services in support of an individual’s changing needs as they age. Maintaining good health is a critical part of growing older while staying active and engaged in community life.

Service Provision

CHAMPS delivers community-based activities for increased engagement and exploration. Individuals who are 50 years or older can receive personal care, delegated nursing support and prevocational training with paid production work for those still eligible under VOC HAB service category. This program is participant-driven with social, recreational and educational focuses.

Health Promotion

As a member of CHAMPS, you will receive education on monthly preventative health topics with accompanying home newsletters. You will become part of groups that focus on physical movement and cognitive wellness. Prevent the decline of your independence by working on healthy habits, staying active, setting your own pace and spending time doing things you enjoy.

Health Monitoring Options

Health services are not to take the place of regular contact with your medical professional but instead provide an opportunity for a preventative health screening to identify concerns or trends for medical follow up. This includes: weight, skin integrity, pulse/temperature, glucose check, food/liquid intake and output, and blood pressure.

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