Cover of Kaleidoscope Summer/Fall 2019 Issue 79 titled Exploring New Vistas. Cover art done by Amanda LaMunyon, is a painting of a beautifully-colored stormy sky in Oklahoma.

Exploring New Vistas

“Exploring New Vistas” is the theme for Issue 79 of Kaleidoscope. Exploration moves us both inward and outward. Contributors to this issue invite readers along on journeys of self-actualization as well as introducing distant vistas that beckon with new perspectives. We think you will appreciate the thought-provoking essays, stories, and poems that will make great reading on lazy summer days at home or while away on vacation.

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Cover of Kaleidoscope Winter/Spring 2019 Issue 78 titled The Journey Continues-Part II

The Journey Continues Part II

“The Journey Continues—Part II” marks the final leg of Gail Willmott’s thirty-six-year adventure with Kaleidoscope. Issue 78 contains the last selections she made as editor-in-chief before retiring in August 2018. Within these pages you will find an intriguing collection of stories, poetry and essays she chose before passing the torch to our new editor, Debra Joha

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