Kaleidoscope Issues

Kaleidoscope has been exploring the creative spirit since first published by United Disability Services in 1979. Since then, the magazine has polished those first photocopied pages into an award-winning literature and fine arts magazine with contributors and subscribers from around the world. Click a link below to view an issue.

Issue 67: Difficult Journeys

Issue 68: Confronting Misperceptions

Issue 69: Kaleidoscope's Many Colors 2014

Issue 70: Journeying to Acceptance

Issue 71: Summer Musings

Issue 72: The Complexity of Human Connections

Issue 73: Coping with Change

Issue 74: The Evolution of Inclusion

Issue 75: Reflective, Transformative, Eclectic

Issue 76: Life's Unpredictability

Issue 77: The Journey Continues 

Issue 78: The Journey Continues-Part II

Issue 79: Exploring New Vistas

Issue 80: Winterscapes